It's Time for Change

Here in our community, the number one concern is safety.

 I've heard it time and time again while speaking to our neighbors, especially our kupuna. We see the homeless flooding our streets and watch crime after crime being reported in the news everyday. Many of our neighbors no longer leave their homes after the sun goes down. It breaks my heart to hear these stories, and I know exactly how they feel. As a husband and father of two small children, it's just not safe to be out at night with my family. So like many of our neighbors, we surrender our freedom for safety.

How did it get this bad? 

How can we turn things around?

We need someone willing to end the status quo and do what needs to be done.

I am that person and I'm ready to take up that challenge.

I want to increase our Quality of Life by getting TOUGH ON CRIME and bring REAL, PROVEN strategies to address our Critical Homeless Issue.

Now, more than ever, we need a proven leader to help make our community safer and stronger. It's time to put someone with applicable experience into office; someone who has had his boots on the ground, fighting for our community everyday. It's time for fresh perspectives, new thinking, and someone willing to fight for the people of Hawai'i.

I am that person!

Together, we can make that change!

Smiling Student
Our Keiki are our Future

Every parent wants what is best for their children and getting them a good education is vital to setting them up for a lifetime of success. Our DOE teachers and schools need our support. Investing in our teachers, and in our schools, is an investment in our children. Investing in our children is an investment in our future. Having worked within the DOE for many years, and with our teachers and schools, I want to give our educators what they need to reach our keiki.

  • Let's make sure our teachers are fairly compensated and given the support they need to succeed in their classrooms.

  • Let's give our schools what they need to best serve our keiki.

  • Let's learn more about the benefits of preschool education and the massive advantage it provides for future success. 

Soup Kitchen
Real Strategies to Address

Homelessness is not a new issue in Hawaii but it certainly one that is growing. With COVID-19 only making it harder for our neighbors to make ends meet, we need tangible and realistic solutions to address this growing problem. How someone becomes homeless is dynamic, and so too are the answers of helping them out of it. With many years of directly helping and assisting our houseless neighbors, I want to bring an experienced approach to addressing the growing homeless issues.

  • Let's better support and collaborate with the numerous agencies and non-profit organizations who serve on the frontline of homelessness.

  • Let's re-evaluate affordable housing options and look for ways to incentivize landlords to participate.

  • Let's look for reasonable and practical opportunities to build more affordable housing.  

Crime Scene Tape
Getting Tough on Crime

There is no question that crime has gotten worse in the last decade. What makes it more alarming is the drastic increase in violent crimes, particularly those committed against our Kupuna. Daily, we hear of another crime committed by an individual who may have 20, 30 or even 40 previous convictions. They are  STILL committing crimes that hurt our community! It's time to address this growing concern by adding teeth to our laws. Let's support our officers on the street and our communities.

 It's time to get tough on crime!

  • Let's introduce and pass legislation to toughen the punishments for certain crimes.

  • Let's increase funding and support for Hawaii's Law Enforcement Officers and push to get more Officers on the streets to protect our communities.

  • Let's re-evaluate Hawaii's prison and bail system and introduce better methodology and practical applications for detainment and rehabilitation.